73% are concerned about the vulnerability of their surveillance systems to cyber attacks.

Each year, IFSEC releases a report on the video surveillance industry. Although these reports are mainly focused on the United Kingdom, they provide a lot of information that is relevant to the situation in the Netherlands. We have translated the highlights. The increasing prevalence of cyberattacks has raised significant concerns about the vulnerability of surveillance systems. According to the UK Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey, 73% of respondents have expressed concerns about the susceptibility of their surveillance systems to cyberattacks. 

Bron: IFSEC 2022 Video Surveillance Report

The research reveals that 39% of companies experienced cyberattacks in 2021, with an estimated average cost of £4,200. This underscores the financial impact of these attacks on organizations. Additionally, there have been numerous high-profile cyber security breaches recently, including the data breach at Optus, the breach of Uber's network, and a teenage hacker infiltrating Rockstar Games. These incidents further contribute to the growing concern surrounding cyberattacks and their potential consequences.

The spread of data breaches in mainstream news outlets and the dedication of TV shows like The Capture by the BBC to cyber breaches have significantly increased public awareness about the threat of cyberattacks. In particular, the rise of deepfake technology has garnered attention as it casts doubt on the reliability of CCTV and video surveillance. The accessibility of this technology underscores the need to protect surveillance systems from potential cyberattacks to ensure the integrity of captured data.

The research also highlights individuals' concerns about the vulnerability of their surveillance systems to cyberattacks. Among the respondents, 37% indicated being "very concerned," while 36% stated they were "somewhat concerned." This demonstrates that a significant majority of individuals acknowledge the potential risks and are actively concerned about the security of their surveillance systems.

Since most video surveillance systems nowadays utilize IP-based devices, they become susceptible to hacking attempts. This vulnerability has led security, facility, and IT teams to recognize the importance of protecting these systems from cyberattacks. The growing concern about the vulnerability of surveillance systems underscores the need for proactive measures to mitigate the risks of cyberattacks.

The increasing number of cyberattacks targeting surveillance systems, coupled with public awareness and individual concerns, underscores the urgency for organizations to prioritize the protection of their surveillance systems. Vigilance and the implementation of appropriate security measures are essential to guard against cyberattacks and their potential consequences for privacy, financial stability, and the overall reputation of organizations. By remaining proactive and well-informed, organizations can minimize risks and maintain the integrity of their surveillance systems in the face of evolving cyber threats.