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All frequently asked questions in one overview.

Can my client also view secure SupraeNet camera footage on his mobile smartphone?2023-03-10T11:18:08+01:00

Yes, most camera manufacturers offer the option to set a private (VPN) IP address in the configuration settings of their mobile apps. Through an OpenVPN app, equipped with a SupraeNet license, this access can be established as an additional security measure.

What is actually the relationship between IoT and cybercrime?2023-03-10T11:11:35+01:00

Many IP devices are (often unintentionally) directly connected to the internet router at the customer's location, for example, for using mobile apps and other cloud services provided by the manufacturer. This makes these IP devices often easy targets for hacking and appealing to cybercriminals. Therefore, it's always wise to minimize the exposure to the public internet. The SupraeNet router provides data encryption, allowing you to communicate securely over the internet with the IoT equipment at the customer's site through SupraeNet VPN. This is a requirement for GDPR-compliant operations.

De SupraeNet router verzorgt data-encryptie waarmee je via SupraeNet VPN veilig over het internet kan communiceren met de IoT apparatuur bij de klant. Dit is een vereiste voor een AVG-proof werkwijze.

The cameras are behind an NVR, in a specific IP network, what now?2023-03-10T10:54:32+01:00

Not all NVRs offer a so-called virtual host or internal routing function. The SupraeNet router, in addition to the WAN and LAN ports, has an extra LAN port available. This allows for additional routing to be established to the specific camera network behind the NVR. In this way, the IP cameras can be configured remotely, without dependencies on intervening hardware and/or VMS software.

hat is the installation-technical advantage of using the extra LAN connection?2023-03-10T11:31:48+01:00

The SupraeNet router provides DHCP on the LAN side. This allows for the easy setup of an independent network at the customer's location that can be managed by the integrator themselves. This is very practical, for example, for managing IP addresses for cameras or card readers.

Daarnaast zijn er dan ook bi-directionele routeringen mogelijk tussen verschillende SupraeNet routers en/of virtuele servers (hosted infrastructuur). Dit is vooral praktisch bij gecentraliseerde applicaties, zoals bijvoorbeeld voor toegangscontrole databases, die ook voor lokale IP-controllers bereikbaar moeten zijn.

Is there a separate network plan required on the customer's side?2023-03-09T14:34:54+01:00

That is not necessary. The Supraenet Router offers multiple (LAN) configuration options and provides network address translations. This allows it to connect to an existing IP configuration, with the router translating internal IP addresses to SupraeNet IP addresses. The Supraenet router is then only connected to the WAN port. A monitoring center can, for example, view video footage through an encrypted connection in this manner. Additionally, there is no need to open an inbound port. The so-called port-forwarding from the public internet to the customer's equipment is a thing of the past.

Is my Alarm Control Room using the Supraenet Platform?2023-01-28T13:39:04+01:00

Every Private Alarm Center (PAC) and Control Room (Police, etc.) can utilize our technology. Currently, over 40% of Dutch Alarm Control Rooms are using our technology. If your PAC is not yet using our Platform, please let us know, and we will get in touch with them.

Which brands of Access Control can I use?2022-05-26T07:40:27+02:00

The Supraenet IoT VPN Platform is 100% brand-independent. Some Access Control brands commonly used in the Netherlands include Salto, Heras, Bosch, and Nedap.

Which Video Surveillance brands (IP Video/CCTV) i can use?2022-05-26T07:35:47+02:00

The Supraenet IoT VPN Platform is 100% brand-independent. So you can use Video Surveillance brands like Axis, Dahua, Milestone, Hikvision, Avigilon and Sony.

How secure is the Supraenet Interconnected Platform?2022-05-26T07:30:50+02:00
The data exchanged via the SupraeNet Interconnected goes over a VPN and is encrypted. This ensures that the exchanged data cannot be viewed by others along the way.
Which VPN clients does the SupraeNet platform uses?2022-05-26T07:27:24+02:00
There are too many different clients to list them all, but in essence, we can use any VPN client that supports the OpenVPN protocol. To utilize the latest and most secure encryption techniques, the client must be based on version 2.4 or higher. Some of the more well-known ones include: for Android: OpenVPN Connect and OpenVPN for Android, for iOS: OpenVPN Connect, for macOS: Viscosity, for Linux: OpenVPN client, and for Windows: OpenVPN GUI and Viscosity.
What are the costs for the SupraeNet Platform?2022-05-26T07:24:59+02:00
The investment for the Supraenet Platform depends on the number of Supraenet Routers and Devices you will be using. There is a monthly fee for the Platform and a one-time investment for the Supraenet Router. Please contact our sales department for more pricing information.
Can you browse the Internet anonymously with Supraenet VPN?2022-05-26T07:09:37+02:00

No. The Supraenet Platform uses VPN technology to connect people and devices over the internet, but from Supraenet VPN, there is no direct connection to the internet. When you visit a website, it works in the same way as usual, directly through the original internet connection, even if you are simultaneously connected to Supraenet VPN. So, only the data exchanged with another connection on Supraenet VPN is hidden from third parties.

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