Verify video data securely and quickly.

Unfortunately, many security cameras are not yet online and connected to the security control center. Handling often false intrusion and robbery alarms in the conventional way consumes a significant amount of unnecessary manpower and valuable time. With the SupraeNet Interconnected Security platform, you can be sure that video data can be verified quickly and securely, both by certified Private Alarm Centers and by Police Alarm Centers.

Alarm control rooms can securely monitor without the risk of unauthorized access or essential data being stolen. Thanks to live monitoring, the police can also provide immediate priority and description details for follow-up. With SupraeNet Interconnected Security, you can get much more out of your surveillance cameras.


In practice, intrusion and fire detection systems can result in up to 99% false alarms. Remote alarm verification, where camera footage plays a crucial role, is much more effective.


False alarms are often unnecessarily followed up by surveillance services. This leads to high and unnecessary costs. With SupraeNet Video Verification, these costs are significantly reduced.


Less than 2 percent of existing security cameras have a secure connection to an alarm control center. Meanwhile, Video Verification significantly enhances the safety of people, products, and services.


Met SupraeNet Health Monitoring behoren complexe firewall instellingen, risicovolle port forwarding en vaste publieke IP adressen tot de verleden tijd.


Met SupraeNet Health Monitoring levert u snelle en kosten efficiënte incident monitoring en response voor uw klanten zonder dure IT specialisten.


Multi-site management, connection status, and authorizations are accessible through the online portal via PC, tablet, iPhone, or Android smartphone. It's easily expandable with features like Alarm Verification and Technical Management.

Through the Supraenet Platform, we secure our clients' video live streams to our alarm control room effortlessly, without the need for IT knowledge and at significantly lower costs.

John van der Loo | NVD