Wie Wij Zijn En Wat Wij Doen.

In 2018, we started our mission: ensuring reliable IoT connections for physical security solutions such as video surveillance and access control. We do this by developing innovative solutions that enable end users to establish reliable connections for alarm applications, maintenance, and management. Since 2018, we have been operating from Giessen. Here, we work with a rapidly growing and enthusiastic team on "Security for Security.

Supraenet has 100% focus on efficiently securing Video Surveillance and Access Control IoT for businesses and institutions. This is done in collaboration with our partners such as Alarm Control Rooms, Security Installers, distributors and IT integrators. The Supraenet team is a healthy mix between experience and talent with many years experience in Security Technologie, IoT, VPN, Encryption, Video Surveillance and Access Control. Our team thinks always ahead is innovative and always puts our customers and partners central.


The Supraenet team is a healthy blend of experience and talent with many years of expertise in Security Technology, IoT, VPN, Encryption, Video Surveillance, and Access Control. Our team always thinks ahead, is innovative, and consistently prioritizes our customers and partners.

SINDS 2018

We started in 2018 and since then, we've had to face many challenges and learn from them in order to bring our vision to the market. Our products are now used by more than 30% of the Dutch Private Alarm Control Rooms and by many security installers.


Wij  ontwikkelen “Security voor Security” oplossingen voor de beveiligings-industrie. Ons Interconnected Security Platform wordt gebruikt door o.a. particuliere alarmcentrales (PAC) en beveiligings installateurs in video beveiliging, toegangscontrole en perimeter beveiliging.