New Revenue Streams for Security Installers with the SupraeNet Interconnected Security Platform.

In the rapidly evolving world of security technology, it's crucial for security installers to not only keep up but also develop new revenue streams. The SupraeNet Interconnected Security Platform provides security installers with a promising path to developing new monthly revenue models in video security, access control, and fire detection.

Cybersecure Connections

With the SupraeNet platform, security installers can effortlessly establish fast, simple, and cost-effective cybersecure connections. This opens the door to new opportunities for managing and monitoring security devices remotely, such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and fire detection equipment.

Monthly Revenue Models

Thanks to the ability to manage security devices remotely, security installers can create monthly revenue models. By monitoring the health of security devices, installers can proactively respond to potential issues and thereby add value for their customers.

Collaboration with Private Alarm Centers (PACs)

The SupraeNet platform offers seamless integration with Private Alarm Centers (PACs). Security installers can earn from video verification in collaboration with a PAC, adding an extra layer of reliability to security solutions. Importantly, these collaborations occur in a cybersecure environment, ensuring data integrity remains intact.

Accessibility without Large Investments

An outstanding advantage of the SupraeNet platform is that security installers can start without major investments or in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity. The platform offers a user-friendly approach, enabling installers to get started quickly and effectively.

Enhancement of Competitive Position

By leveraging the opportunities provided by the SupraeNet platform, security installers can strengthen their competitive position. The ability to not only deliver high-quality security solutions but also to act proactively and generate new revenue streams sets them apart in the market.

The SupraeNet Interconnected Security Platform offers security installers the opportunity to thrive in a dynamic market. By investing in the SupraeNet Interconnected Platform, installers can not only increase customer satisfaction but also create sustainable and recurring revenue streams with new and existing customers in video security, access control, and fire detection.