Visit SupraeNet at the eRIC Expo 2024.

On April 24th and 25th, the eRIC Expo is taking place again. SupraeNet will be presenting its innovative interconnected and cyber-secure solutions for Control Rooms for two days. These include cyber-secure video verification and remote device management. The eRIC event features over 200 exhibitors, more than 50 demos, and a range of sustainable and innovative solutions, tools, and gadgets for our sector. SupraeNet invites you to visit us at the Control Room Plaza in the exhibition hall, booth e326.

At the Control Room Plaza, booth number E326, we along with over 40 industry peers, are setting up a dedicated control room plaza spanning approximately 1000m², where ample attention will be given to all aspects associated with various control room solutions. SupraeNet will demonstrate how to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively establish secure connections between control rooms and physical security solutions such as cameras, both continuously and during a crisis.

We will showcase both standalone and integrated solutions that make a significant contribution to the efficient operation from control rooms. Additionally, there will be ample focus on the support services and applications that aid control room operations.

Moreover, at the central square of this plaza, various demos will illustrate how different disciplines, each with their own control room application, collaborate with each other. There will be interaction with the spectacular demos on the outdoor terrain, showcasing collaboration with various emergency services and units of the National Police.

Download your free ticket via this link.

We hope to meet you on April 24th or 25th, you can find us at the Control Room Plaza, booth number E326. standnummer E326.

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